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Click here to read part 1. So you’ve got disability through work. You’re set. Right? Maybe not. It’s important to understand that disability coverage is not as simple as “can’t work = get paid.” There are many moving parts to the machine. This week, we’ll explore each one of them. Short-term vs. Long-term: What’s the Difference? The first thing to determine about your disability coverage through work is whether is short-term or long-term. (Your employer
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While it’s only Monday, you may already have your mind set on Friday. And if you’re like many, you may also be thinking about your next payday. But think about this: what if that paycheck were to stop coming? I’m not talking about being fired from your job. I’m talking about the possibility that you’re not able to do your own job, period. Many Americans consider their house, their 401(k), or their savings their most
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When I was a kid, I panicked a lot. About little things. Well, at least, they seem like little things now. But at the time, they were huge, and important. They were critical. And my anxieties about them made me obsessed with the idea that they had to be perfect. Because if they weren’t, the results could be catastrophic. Arithmetic Developed Daily, Grow Publications. One memorable example of a time that I allowed my anxieties
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I’d like to share my thoughts on why the Dow crossing 26,000 is a critical milestone. Are you ready for it? Okay, here goes. It’s not. At all. Milestones like this are a part of what Nobel Prize-winning Economist Robert Shiller refers to as the beginning of a “feedback loop,” in which growth is artificially stimulated by nothing more than an echo chamber of noise. To break it down, feedback loops generally go like this:
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